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Lease Turn-In at Zeigler Toyota of Racine

Now that your Toyota’s lease is coming to an end, it’s time to review all your end-of-lease options. It’s highly recommended to start reviewing your options 60–90 days before your final payment. At this time you can decide whether you want to lease a new Toyota, purchase your current lease, or walk away hassle-free. Did you know you can even end your leases early, trade-in your leases early, or sell your lease. Due to supply shortages, these options may be more lucrative than ever!

Keep reading to learn more about all your lease-end options as well as the difference between financing and leasing. With all of Zeigler Toyota of Racine’s auto financing options, driving your dream car in Mount Pleasant can be a reality! Be sure to explore all the latest new specials, Pre-Owned Specials, Military Rebate, and College Grad Rebate before stopping by for a test drive.

Lease a New Toyota

Whether you’re eyeing a new Toyota vehicle or simply want a brand-new edition of what you’re driving now, leasing a new Toyota model is easy. All you need to do is explore all the latest Toyota models available and schedule a test drive at Zeigler Toyota of Racine to find the perfect model for you. After you’ve decided to lease a new Toyota, the next steps include:

  • Schedule a turn-in appointment
  • Return your vehicle at the appointed time
  • Pay any remaining amounts owed under your lease

Purchase Your Current Toyota

Love your leased Toyota and want to make it your very own? No problem. Purchasing your lease is a great way to get the car you love at a more affordable price. This option essentially is like purchasing a pre-owned vehicle and only cost its depreciating value. And the best part, you were the previous owner! If this option is right for you, here’s what you need to do to put the wheels in motion:

  • Call (800) 286-0652 or Zeigler Toyota of Racine to determine your vehicle’s payoff amount
  • Visit to review our financing and vehicle and payment protection options

Toyota Financing

Experience the full ownership experience and shop for new and pre-owned models today. Toyota Financial Services can help make financing your new Toyota clear and easy. All-new Toyota vehicles and Toyota Certified Used Vehicles from the last five model years are eligible. Contract terms for new vehicles are 24-72 months. Toyota financing benefits include:

  • Less worry about your car’s condition
  • No limit on mileage
  • Full ownership of your vehicle
  • Factory warranty to cover major repairs

Toyota Leasing

Want to enjoy a new Toyota model every few years? Toyota Financial Services may be able to help find the right lease for you. Most lease customers pay less cash upfront and have lower monthly payments than they would with a finance contract. You may get 24-60 month lease terms on new Toyota and qualified Toyota Certified Vehicles. You’ll even have the option to purchase your vehicle at lease end. Additional Toyota leasing benefits include:

  • Payments are usually lower, compared to a purchase
  • Lower down payment
  • Opportunity to drive a new car every two to three years
  • Factory warranty to cover major repairs

Turn-In Inspection

Ready to turn in your lease, all you need to do is set up a complimentary vehicle inspection and prepare your ride accordingly. After we’ve gone through your ride and informed you of any damage cost or leftover payment needed, you can walk away hassle-free and commitment-free. Why schedule your inspection with us?

  • CONVENIENT – inspectors can meet you at your home, work, or other preferred location
  • INFORMATIVE – knowing the condition of your vehicle before the end of your lease allows you to make well-informed decisions
  • THOROUGH – detailed condition reports, itemizing any excess wear and use, are available shortly after inspection

Lease Turn-In FAQs

Your options are simple. You can:

  • Turn in your vehicle and purchase or lease a new Toyota
  • Purchase the vehicle you're currently driving
  • Return your vehicle to your Toyota dealership

This is the date when your lease agreement ends and your vehicle should be returned to a Toyota dealer (unless you choose the option to purchase your leased vehicle).

Your leased vehicle should be turned in at your originating Toyota dealer by your scheduled lease maturity date. If you've moved since you began your lease, use our easy dealer locator to find a participating dealer near you. We recommend contacting the dealer to schedule your lease turn-in appointment approximately 30 days prior to your lease maturity date.

You may return your vehicle prior to your lease maturity date; however, early termination fees may apply. For more info about turning in your lease early, refer to your lease agreement, or contact TFS at 1-800-286-0652. You may also reach out to your dealer to get answers to any questions you have about your options.

Like you, we hope you have no charges on your lease-end, but it’s possible these may be included, if applicable:

  • Excess wear and use
  • Excess mileage
  • Disposition fee
  • Any past due and unpaid monthly payments
  • Any other miscellaneous charges (e.g., unpaid late payment fees, taxes, tolls)
  • Any other charges due under the terms of your lease agreement if your lease was terminated early

First, great decision. Next, get a payoff quote by logging into your TFS online account or contacting TFS at 1-800-286-0652. If you need financing, you can head straight to your dealer for help.

Just bring your vehicle back to your Toyota dealer at the end of your lease and they can help you with the rest.

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